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St. Thomas the Apostle Church

Small Groups

Small Faith Sharing Groups

Small Groups are a great way for teens to connect with their peers in a setting focused on faith sharing, community, and positive adult mentorship.  Small groups at St. Thomas aim to:

1. Provide a Catholic-Christian community environment that is safe & welcoming where each person is valued & respected for who they are.

2. Foster an atmosphere that encourages young people to grow in an understanding of themselves, their peers, the world in which they live, and how God is present in each of these areas.

3. Connect young people with positive adult role models who are open to sharing their faith and life experiences, but more importantly who are interested and invested in the lives of teen, and display a sincere care and love for them!

Freshmen enrolled in the Confirmation Program are required to join a freshmen small group as part of their first year obligations, but all teens at Saint Thomas are invited and encouraged to start or join a regular small faith sharing group.

Click here for the 2018-2019 options for Freshmen Small Groups and information about the signup process.

If you are a sophomore or above, contact the Youth Ministry Office for further details on how to get a small group started.


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