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St. Thomas the Apostle Church

Freshmen Small Groups

 2017-2018 Freshmen Small Group Information

Leaders & Group Information:

Please note the days, times, and locations are to be considered general meeting times.  As the year gets going, there may be some other service & social opportunities that are promoted by the small group leaders which may be at different times and/or on different days.  Small groups will meet at least once-a-month, but will also likely present at least one other opportunity a month apart from the standard group meeting.

Group Leader(s)                                           Day               Meeting Time         Location

1. Janet Foy & Chris Daraska                     Sundays         12:30-2:00pm           St. Thomas

2. Chris Cast & Sharon Meyer                    Sundays         4:30-6:00pm             St. Thomas

3. Gail Micheau & Jen Kennedy                  Sundays         4:30-6:00pm             St. Thomas

4. Maureen McMenamin & TBD                  Sundays         4:30-6:00pm             St. Thomas

5. Carla Griffin & Maggie Quaranto             Sundays         7:00-8:30pm             St. Thomas

6. Kate Reilly & Tami Wagener                    Sundays         6:00-7:30pm            Their home (Details to Follow, Near Intersection of Ogden Ave. & Rickert Dr.)

Group Leader Bios:

Group 1:

Ms. Janet Foy – I am a mom of two and my son and daughter both went through the Confirmation program.  My daughter is a junior at Metea and currently helps with sophomore retreats.  I have taught sixth grade RE.  and I was a freshman small group leader last year.  I enjoy going to Christian concerts and have seen Newsboys and Casting Crowns.  I Like to go to help at Feed My Starving Children and I enjoy helping with Harvest Sundays.  I look forward to helping freshmen start their journey towards Confirmation.

Ms. Christine Daraska – This is my first time leading a small group.  I wanted to enjoy and help my freshman daughter, Jessica Lowe, learn more about our faith and develop her relationship with God.  I have a senior, Jonathan, and they both go to Naperville North High School.  I have been married to my husband, Jim Lowe, for 26 years.  I have two chemistry degrees from Illinois State University.

Group 2:

Ms. Chris Cast – I am excited to be doing Freshman Small Group with Sharon Meyers!!! This is our third small group that we have worked in together. In addition, I taught elementary RE for 11 years and middle school RE for 9 years. I’m also a member of the LIFE retreat team and teach the Confirmation class. My husband, Keith, and my 5 children and I have been members of St. Thomas for 18 years.

Ms. Sharon Meyer – I work as a Catholic School Assistant Principal and have been a catechist at St. Thomas for the last 13 years.  I am the proud mother of two sons and two daughters that have gone through the program.  In addition, I have been a high school freshman leader for three years with Mrs. Cast.  I believe that faith is a journey that we share with others through our words and actions.

Group 3:

Ms. Gail Micheau – My name is Gail Micheau and my husband Tim and I have been parishoners since 1998.  We have two children, Hannah (19) and Ben (14).  This year will be my third year as a small group leader for Freshman and I am excited to get to know our group.  I am also a member of our Life Retreat Team where I serve as a Small Group Leader on our sophomore confirmation retreats.  I have found through these experiences that I really enjoy working with teens as they explore their faith journey and often learn just as much from them as they learn from me.

Ms. Jenni Kennedy – My name is Jenni Kennedy. My husband John and I, along with our children (Rachel 21, Caitlin 19 and Charlie 14) have been members of St.Thomas for 19 years. We have always been active members in some way. When my kids were younger I taught Liturgy of the Word and was fortunate to be a leader in Scripture Safari for 12 years.  John and I were small group leaders for our daughter Caitlin when she was going through confirmation prep and it was fun and enlightening to share about and learn about our faith with Caitlin and her peers. Now, I look forward leading a small group with my friend Gail Micheau, which will include each of our sons, so that we can all grow more in our faith.

Group 4:

Ms. Maureen McMenamin – I have been teaching R.E. / leading small groups for 10 years.  I have 2 kids – Kate Overman (16) who’s a junior at Metea Valley and Mike Overman (14) who’s a freshman.  We have two cats and two parakeets.  My undergraduate degree is from The Catholic University of America.  I believe that kids should have fun while learning about Go.

Group 5:

Ms. Carla Griffin – Hello, my name is Carla Griffin and along with my husband, Ron, and two sons, Greer and Grayson we have been members of St. Thomas the Apostle Church for 12 years.  This is my 2nd time leading freshman small groups alongside Maggie Quaranto.  I have been a high school teacher in the area for 24 years and I enjoy working with teenagers every day.  However, I look forward to being a small group leader at St. Thomas because it allows me to be a part of the teenagers’ faith journey.

Ms. Maggie Quaranto –  I have been a member of St Thomas for the last 6 years and have been part of the Confirmation program for 3 years.  Before joining St. Thomas I was a member of St Peter’s in Washington, DC where I also taught Religious Education.  My husband Jason and I have a daughter Aubrey who is a Junior at St. Francis and a son Joey who is a Freshman at Naperville Central. I love spending time with the High School kids on their Journey – every year and pretty much every class – one of them surprises me with their enthusiasm and insight into our faith and our everyday life.

Group 6:

Ms. Kate Reilly – My son, Colin, is a freshman in the program this year. I am excited to be leading a small group with Tami Wagener. I’ve been a member of St Thomas since 1991 and have always enjoyed the welcoming, inclusive  atmosphere. I hope to bring that same atmosphere to our small group sessions. During this year with the freshman, I’d like to focus on how we can live a life of service to others. Expect a few service projects and outings with our group.

Ms. Tami Wagener – I am a mom of two boys, PJ (18) and Christopher (14).  Christopher is a freshman and will begin his journey this fall.  PJ is a freshman at the Naval Academy.  He went through the program, became a member of the LIFE Retreat Team and loved every minute!  My husband and I have been members of St. Thomas for the last 12 years.  I taught second grade R.E. for 7 years and am so excited to see these kids again!

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer as a small group leader contact Brett in the Youth Ministry Office at 630-355-8980 x 117 or



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